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Re: Coder friendly font

rlharris@oplink.net writes:

> On Mon, September 21, 2015 11:33 am, Cindy-Sue Causey wrote:
>> a font called "Anonymous Pro" that is billed as a "fixed width sans serif
>> font designed for coders".
>> Further description is: "Anonymous Pro (2009) is a family of four
>> fixed-width fonts designed  especially with coding in mind. Characters
>> that
>> could be mistaken for  one another (O, 0, I, l, 1, etc.) have distinct
>> shapes to make them  easier to tell apart in the context of source code."
> Regarding disambiguity, Courier is one of the best fonts; likewise Times
> Roman.  The only problem with Times Roman with respect to coding is that
> it is not fixed-width.

And courier is downright ugly.

> Sans-serif is not a desirable attribute, except for certain applications
> such as newspaper headlines.  Studies have shown that serif fonts are more
> readable and less fatiguing, because the serifs of a letter or numeral
> convey much information.

It may be billed as sans serif, but there are a number of characters in
the font that do indeed have serifs.

> But Americans crave novelty, so there always is a market for the
> "different" when it is claimed to be "new" and "improved".

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