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Re: Jessie update notes?

On Monday 21 September 2015 16:59:40 Cindy-Sue Causey wrote:
> I've read all the other helpful feedback you received. Are you
> interested in taking control of the process manually via terminal? I
> learned a COOL command that was originally shared by *Bob* who
> coincidentally responded to this thread.
> Am sharing here in case it's of interest to anyone checking out your
> thread. The package you download is "apt-show-versions".
> If you then run "apt-get update" and next "apt-show-versions -u", you
> receive output of any packages that need upgrading. If there's no
> output, everything in your system is current. There are other flags
> (options) you can run, but so far that "-u" is all I've ever needed.
> You have to run both commands each time. "apt-show-versions" performs
> its package version comparison walk through our systems based on both
> what is sitting on our systems and what our personal *_CHOICE_* of
> repositories is offering at any given second. BUT.. That doesn't
> happen magically/automatically, it's triggered manually in this case.
> The only way that happens is if we run "apt-get update" first to keep
> that command's associated files current, as well.

Alternatively, you can just do "aptitude update", and it will tell you what 
upgrades are available when it has finished updating. ;-)  If it doesn't tell 
you, it means that there aren't any.


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