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Re: Can't Log in


Thank you.  

Another approach I tried was to log in as root (I did not expect that to work).  So I issued:
 passwd <user>.
I responded to the two password queries and received a success signal.  I would expect that to solve the issue.

After logging off, I attempted to log in with the updated password.  It failed.  The logon screen came up, I entered the user name and password.  But it did not fail immediately, the screen went black like it was going to initiate the session, then came back with the two fields blank.  If I input a wrong entry, it usually just stays on the same screen, blanks out the password field, and throws an error message right above the password field stating it was a wrong password. 

It seems like something I am missing something and something else may have failed.  

Any ideas?

It seems like there should be a solution from the root session.  But if not, I have seen references to using a live CD for this but I have never seen any details on how to do this.  I have looked for hours and have found where others have asked about such details but I have not seen a solution.  Pointers to a good reference would be greatly appreciated.

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