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Re: Boxed W8/W10 PC; must anything be done, first, to enable dual-bootable later?

On Sun, Sep 20, 2015 at 10:45:07AM +0200, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
> Andrew M.A. Cater a écrit :
> > On Sat, Sep 19, 2015 at 11:43:11AM +0100, Ron Leach wrote:
> > 
> >> 4.  Then I'd like to install Debian.  I'd prefer to install Debian Wheezy
> >> because we have a very slow internet service and already have the install
> >> DVDs for D7.8.  Is Wheezy 7.8 installable on UEFI, or should I use the
> >> legacy boot system in the BIOS?
> > 
> > No, don't install Wheezy at all if: Jessie works from the outset with UEFI.
> Wheezy works with UEFI too. I'm currently using this combination.
> Howerer I observed diplay problems in the installer with some platforms.
> > If you boot from Debian install media you can use the partitioning tools in the
> > installer to shrink an installed Windows partition. Put the empty space at the end 
> > of the disk.
> It may be safer to shrink a Windows partition from Windows disk
> management tool.

Yes, but the original poster asked if there was anything he should do prior to booting into
Windows for the first time. It is entirely possbile to have installed Debian before you boot
into Windows - the crucial thing is not to move the first Windows partitions apart from resizing.

When Windows first boots, it should deal with the issue of disk size correctly.

For a potential Windows 8 -> 10 upgrade on that specification of machine: look carefully at Microsoft's
advice including using USB sticks as extra storage temporarily If you dig back through Planet Debian, 
you'll find a post of mine about how to rescue the upgrade if it all goes wrong.

If the machine only has 32G of SSD storage, then it's possibly too little disk space to dual boot well. 
Windows 10 will want approximately 20G to run.

Although I referenced the http://wiki.debian.org/InstallingDebianOn/Acer/T100TA, it may also be best
to look at the links for the Acer X205TA referenced in the early paragraphs there.

I'm quite tempted to write up a detailed blog on how to get dual boot working with a preinstalled 
Windows installed using UEFI and the steps to install Debian in this situation

All the very best,


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