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Re: Debian sid transition to KDE 5?

El mar., 15 de septiembre de 2015 19:38, Joe <joe@jretrading.com> escribió:

On Tue, 15 Sep 2015 08:21:17 +0200
amont@tiscali.it wrote:

>   Dear all,
> I am running Debian sid since 2006. When I type in
> aptitude dist-upgrade I have been getting the below messages. To fix
> it, please, is it just question of time (something related to KDE 5
> transitional packages)?

It's not just KDE, and it's been going for a couple of months already.
I currently have 124 packages which are not upgradable, there were
over two hundred a couple of weeks ago.

I have 2 debian sid desktops and the two are updated. No package is hold, and full upgrade. I have not any KDE package, but have xfce, and GNOME

Which 124 packages are not upgradable?

Tracking https://release.debian.org/transitions/ helps to upgrade when you have problems with upgrade.

Since gcc transition I had to hold some packages to make apt happy to upgrade. But I unhold them when its transitions are finish.

Did you try apt upgrade , and then apt full-upgrade?

Maybe posting apt output can help.


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