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Re: adobe flash player in iceweasel does not work anymore in jessie

On Sunday 13 September 2015 21:46:11 Paul van der Vlis wrote:
> Op 12-09-15 om 21:51 schreef Liam O'Toole:
> > On 2015-09-11, Paul van der Vlis <paul@vandervlis.nl> wrote:
> >> Op 10-09-15 om 11:33 schreef Liam O'Toole:
> >>> On 2015-09-09, Lisi Reisz <lisi.reisz@gmail.com> wrote:
> >>>> On Wednesday 09 September 2015 20:46:42 Paul van der Vlis wrote:
> >>>>> When I need a package from deb-multimedia, I use wget and dpkg.
> >>>>
> >>>> A constructive suggestion!  That is obviously a good idea.
> >>>
> >>> I would call it a kludge, at best. Using wget and dpkg is to invite
> >>> what used to be called 'RPM hell'.
> >>
> >> Use "apt-get -f install" after installing a package with dependencies.
> >> This will get packages from Debian. If it does need another package from
> >> e.g. deb-multimedia, you have to use wget and dpkg again, and then you
> >> know you have to monitor another package.
> >
> > Like I said: a kludge.
> Your opinion,

To which he is entitled.

> I even don't know what a kludge is. 

You could look it up.  https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/kludge

> This is not an "invention" of me, many sysadmins are using this. See:
> https://wiki.debian.org/MultimediaCodecs#deb-multimedia.org

That is not relevant.  You do what you want to do.  Others form their own 
judgements and do what they want to do.  You would never attach a computer to 
a TV, some of us do.  None of my clients has deb-multimedia in his or her 
sources.list either.  So what.

> >>> It also runs the risk of missing security updates to packages.
> >>
> >> Realise that when you put a repo in your sources list, you normally give
> >> control to that repo to install everything they want on your computer.
> >
> > Not when you pin the repository appropriately, as I have indicated
> > elsewhere.
> See my response there.
> >> And to make a complete mess out of your computer. Is that good security?
> >
> > I would say yes in this case. The maintainer of deb-multimedia is a
> > well-established Debian developer.
> That's right. But in Debian we have FTP-masters and many people who are
> looking when a package is in sid and in testing. Mass-rebuilds and
> automated checks. The maintainer of deb-multimedia does that all by it's
> own. He will make a mistake, that's murphy's law.#

The computer attached to my TV has already crashed and had to be reinstalled 
once, without the help of Marillat.  If it crashes beyond redemption again, 
I'll reinstall again.  It's no big deal.

> >> I want to know exactly what packages are not coming from Debian.
> >
> > That's easy to determine.
> You have to do check that regulary when you care.

Paul, we don't all have to live according to the gospel of Paul.  You think we 
are wrong.  We know that.  The fact that you think that is totally 


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