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Re: CD DVD drive docs


i wrote:
> > (You aren't using olde IDE disk and burner as master and
> >  slave at the same controller, are you ?)

doark@mail.com wrote:
> I may be a newbie,

But how does a newbie know about PATA and master-slave ? :))

> Can you point me to any particularly good sources where I might learn
> the differences between DVD+R and DVD-R.

The specs are in MMC-5, but not easy to put together
to a usable procedure. DVD+R gets at least a sketch at "The Host's Perspective".

I wrote my own cheat sheet
where DVD-R handling is described under
  "Sequential DVD-R[W] Cookbook"
and DVD+R under
  "DVD+R[/DL] Cookbook"

The main difference is that for DVD-R the drive gets sent
a Mode Page 5, like for CD-R. DVD+R need less preparation
before writing can begin. But no Mode Page 5 also means
no dummy write mode is possible with DVD+R.

Not described by SCSI are the physical differences which
seem to become decisive when drives begin to show first
symptoms of failure.
That's why i proposed to try a different media type.
If that works it would be a limited remedy and it would
make clear that the drive is beginning to lose its
capability to burn DVD-R.
The long term remedy would then be to get a new drive.

Have a nice day :)


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