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Re: CD DVD drive docs

Sorry for the delayed response.

> Another remedy would be to use DVD+R instead of DVD-R.
> If speed influences the problem, then it is probably rather
> due to drive-and-media problems.
I bought the discs form Walmart, they only sell DVD-Rs now.
I might have gotten some from amazon, but then I must pay shipping
and that seems ridiculous for a few (10) discs. I use them for live
images of various Linux distros mostly, I like being an explorer
penguin (some people really don't like this, you see, it seems that
most people who can't get something to work will give up, I report
the bugs, if I have enough info). In Linux, you can actually study it
all (kudos to Linux), vs., for example, with electricity, where you run
into a big wall the moment you get into anything more complex then
light bulb switches, or so I've found.

> (You aren't using olde IDE disk and burner as master and
>  slave at the same controller, are you ?)
I may be a newbie, but I've got common sense, so no. The hardware is
either my laptop, which is almost 2 years old, and its build in drive,
or my desktop, which I use PATA drives on, from a finicky USB adapter,
or my new promise PCI card (which seems to not like burning DVDs at
all (I'll have to debug this). I use the old drives because they still
work, and seeing lots of good info about something scares me, there is
no such thing as every XXXX piece of hardware on the market being
perfect; now that I've been reading the thread: "new laptop: DVD or
Blu-ray", I'm feeling much more enlightened.

Can you point me to any particularly good sources where I might learn
the differences between DVD+R and DVD-R. I know wikipedia is a source,
but their material is not very in-depth most of the time, so I'll be
doing several web searches and reading what I can find.

FYI: I found the mmc SCSI docs here: http://13thmonkey.org/SCSI
There is also an article about SCSI for the Linux kernel (with links) at
Serendipity: http://gkernel.sourceforge.net/ thought it has no SCSI
docs. And, there is always https://archive.org when a link fails you.

Getting btrace working has become a bit of a problem as the new
texlive-core-2014 package conflicts with dvipdfm (a dependency). I'll
have to talk to the Funtoo devs about it. I'll start a new thread when
I get some info.

Thanks, David

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