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Re: Doing Dist-Upgrade or Such

Quoting Pascal Hambourg (pascal@plouf.fr.eu.org):
> David Wright a écrit :
> > Quoting David Baron (d_baron@012.net.il):
> > 
> > Pascal, I believe, said:
> >>> You can bind|link|whatever /var/cache/apt/archive to a filesystem with
> >>> enough free space.
> >> Running it this way right now, seems OK. Question: Is this directory needed at 
> >> boot, i.e., before home is mounted (why I did not try this first off)??
> >>
> >> If it does, can put it back when done. If OK, leave it this way.
> > 
> >>From man apt-cache:
> > 
> >        -p, --pkg-cache
> >            Select the file to store the package cache. The package
> >            cache is the primary cache used by all operations.
> >            Configuration Item: Dir::Cache::pkgcache.
> > 
> > This appears to be the Right Way.
> I doubt it, since apt-cache is not involved in downloading .deb files,
> so it's probably not the same cache. According to man apt-get, the
> correct configuration item would rather be Dir::Cache::Archives.

You're quite right; my mistake. Dir::Cache::Archives is the one bit of
Dir::Cache not documented there because it doesn't interest apt-cache.

For some reason, the DIRECTORIES part of   man apt.conf   doesn't have
subheadings like the rest, making it easier to overlook Dir::Cache there.


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