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Re: Doing Dist-Upgrade or Such

On 9/7/15, Pascal Hambourg <pascal@plouf.fr.eu.org> wrote:
> David Wright a écrit :
>>>From man apt-cache:
>>        -p, --pkg-cache
>>            Select the file to store the package cache. The package
>>            cache is the primary cache used by all operations.
>>            Configuration Item: Dir::Cache::pkgcache.
>> This appears to be the Right Way.
> I doubt it, since apt-cache is not involved in downloading .deb files,
> so it's probably not the same cache. According to man apt-get, the
> correct configuration item would rather be Dir::Cache::Archives.


In seeing David's, I was already looking at "man apt-cache". Saw where
his is quoted from and was thinking......

#1) Ok, will have to test drive that so it's in the back of my mind if
it's ever needed.

Then next kneejerk reaction was....

#2) *WHY* are they using the term "file" and not "directory"?? That
doesn't sound right. The term "files" is NOT interchangeable with the
term "directory", and it seems like a technical writer would know that
distinction. Yeah, I know, "we" are the technical writers for
manpages, but still....... the file versus. directory distinction is a
very basic starting point in understanding Debian. :)

Moving on, now I'm looking at apt-get's manpage and thinking... Ok, do
what?! Doesn't that create some kind of conflict with apt-cache??

So I just kept flipping back and forth between the two man
pages....... and trying to really read and *comprehend* apt-cache's
one especially......

Is apt-cache's maybe really meaning *FILE*, as in each specific .deb
file, and not directory (aka "folder" in "other" operating systems)?

Just scratching my head out loud........

Cindy :)

Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

* runs... off at the Fingertips on occasion.. *

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