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Re; Okay, that's too much now!

> I have been a Debian user for more than 15 years, when the "war" about systemd
> broke out I mostly ignored it, I just removed systemd from my systems because I
> don't like the implementation.
> Today I was setting up a new Debian system and wanted to remove systemd only to
> find our that the old tools "bsdutils" has been made dependent upon libsystemd0
> "This package contains the bare minimum of BSD utilities needed for a Debian
> system: logger, renice, script, scriptreplay, and wall. The remaining standard
> BSD utilities are provided by bsdmainutils."
> What the freaking !#¤"#¤"¤#"#%" are people doing!?
> Why the hell has this collections of utilities from FreeBSD been made dependent
> upon libsystemd0!?!?!?
> Freedom of choice my ass!

Hi Erik

Systemd is spreading like a cancer striking its ugly tentacles into
everything it can get its hands on.

But there is hope!

Eventhough it is still alpha we have migrated almost all of our
desktop systems to Devuan (the Debian fork), still missing a few, but
we're getting to them as well. It works really great! Like Jessie but
without systemd.

For servers we have shifted from Debian to Alpine Linux. Not only does
Alpine Linux not have systemd, it is also a much more secure Linux,
running with a patched kernel, and it is really doing things the
original UNIX way.

We're also running OpenBSD and FreeBSD on some of our firewalls, but
we're also using FreeBSD on desktops with identical Xfce4 setups to
those of Devuan.

It is all working really great and I can highly recommend it!

Debian has been our favorite OS for many many years, but the way the
users unhappiness with systemd was handled, and the implementation
itself, has made us bid farewell.

Kind regards

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