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Gnome Audio Alerts

Once again, the audio alerts on my gnome desktop have ceased to work. This problem occurred once before and was addressed here on the list. I have looked up that old thread on the debian.org site, and double checked everything that was mentioned there.

I have checked that /org/gnome/desktop/sound/event-sounds is indeed checked in the dconf editor.

I have checked that gnome-session-canberra is in fact installed.

I have check that sound-theme-freedesktop is installed.

In the settings (gnome-control-center) the alerts show to be on, and the volume for them is set at the max.

I have run the command canberra-gtk-play --id="dialog-error". The result of that command is no audio output of any kind, and no errors reported on the console.

I re-installed both gnome-session-canberra and sound-theme-freedesktop packages and rebooted the system. This also had no effect.

Anyone with any more ideas???

Que te vaya bien

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