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Re: Another system management tool to disappear.

On 2/09/2015 12:11 AM, Joel Rees wrote:
> Which, I am afraid, puts you in the pattern of those who defend the
> approach the cabal has taken.
> (Concerning the use of "cabal":
> http://0pointer.net/blog/revisiting-how-we-put-together-linux-systems.html
> Although I'm not really sure they understood what their own choice of
> words seemed to imply.)

It's not exactly secret, but many are blinded to these facts and the

In AU, we recently had a law passed over metadata; it was framed in such
a way that it was simple to *include* an otherwise excluded body from
seeking access -- border protection were made law enforcement.  That was
sneaky and political, it was secret, it was done in stealth; we can
expect more of the same with systemd as evidenced by Lennart's
referenced posting.


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