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Re: No-one working on 'su' has stated that they will stop.

2015/09/01 1:27 "Jonathan de Boyne Pollard" <J.deBoynePollard-newsgroups@ntlworld.com>:
> Christian Seiler:
>> Note that _nobody_ working on su, neither upstream nor maintaining it in distributions, has claimed that they will stop.
> Indeed.  The implication that su is being replaced has, rather, come from the technology journalists and web log diarists writing headlines ...
> * Paul Carroty's piece referenced from this thread: "... 'su' command replacement ..."
> * Sam Varghese in ITWire: "Systemd's latest conquest: the 'su' command" and "It remains to be seen which other functions systemd will seek to take over. " in the body
> * Softpedia: "systemd 225 Adds 'su' Replacement" with "'machinectl shell' is the new 'su' replacement in systemd" as the subtitle
> * Lukáš Jelínek in LinuxExpress: "Funkcionalita příkazu 'su' začleněna do systemd"
> * Petr Krčmář in root.cz: "Do systemd je integrována náhrada za 'su'"
> * Michael Larabel in Phoronix: " The machinectl shell command is meant to replace su for running privileged sessions. " in the opening
> ... and in part from the systemd version 225 release notes:
>> Hence, 'machinectl shell' can be used as [a] replacement for 'su' which spawns the session as a fresh systemd unit.
> Interestingly, neither the 7-year-old Freedesktop.org pkexec (su, but using Freedesktop.org's own PolicyKit) nor FreeBSD's "/etc/rc.d/jail console myjail1" have made such headlines.  (-:

I think it was Poettering's criticism of su that makes this more interesting to the press. Or maybe it's a slow news week.

Whether they took the criticism out of context or not is another question.

Joel Rees

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