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Re: Another system management tool to disappear.

Am 01.09.2015 um 15:08 schrieb The Wanderer:

> [  123.134567] systemd-logind[1234]: Failed to start user service:
> Unknown unit: user@1000.service

> Note that this is on a system with only some parts of "the systemd
> suite" present, and with systemd _not_ running as PID1. (I apologize for
> not mentioning that earlier; it's been long enough since I was changing
> any related part of this laptop's config that I didn't remember the
> exact details of how I'd left it.) Specifically:
> $ dpkg -l "*systemd*" | grep ii
> ii  libpam-systemd:amd64      224-1        amd64        system and servi
> ii  libsystemd0:amd64         224-1        amd64        systemd utility
> ii  libsystemd0:i386          224-1        i386         systemd utility
> ii  systemd                   224-1        amd64        system and servi
> ii  systemd-shim              9-1          amd64        shim for systemd

This is https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=756247

And yes, this is due to running systemd-logind under
sysvinit/systemd-shim, but not under systemd as PID 1.

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