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Re: is google earth safe to install?

On Tue, September 1, 2015 12:41 am, rlharris@oplink.net wrote:
> To facilitate our search for property and discussion over the telephone
> of various properties, my client wishes me to install google earth.
> I see that Debian has a google earth package.
> In view of our recent discussion "laptop protection in an office
> network", I am curious as to what danger of compromise, if any, is
> incurred by the installation of google earth.

Answering my own question:  After installing the Debian package (which is
a script to download google earth and make of it a Debian package) I would
have proceded except for the fact that (according to the Debian README
file, it currently works only on x86 packages, because google earth is an
i386 binary.  But my laptop is an amd64.  And I am unwilling to run
proprietary google code on my desktop machine.


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