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Re: System freeze with multiple ttys in Debian Jessie

> Systemd handles the terminals [...]

... and all of the mucking around that you two and participants in some other Debian bugs are doing, laudable as it is, is to tweak something that is in fact already superseded by TTYVTDisallocate=yes in autovt@.service . (-:

August Karlstrom:
> According to the man page, clear_console "changes the foreground virtual terminal to another terminal and then back to the original terminal."

... and it picks VT#2 as that other if you are on VT#1, and VT#1 otherwise.

Ironically, this way of doing this has been unnecessary since a change to the kernel that happened in 2011. There's a non-standard control sequence, but common to xterm, PuTTY, the Linux kernel terminal emulator, and my console-terminal-emulator, that just erases the scrollback buffer. No ioctl()s required at all; terminal switching, disallocating, or otherwise. I added console-clear (a.k.a. clear_console) to nosh version 1.19, just announced. But note, on the gripping hand, that one doesn't really need *either* version if (a) one is using autovt@ systemd services with TTYVTDisallocate=yes or (b) if one is using console-terminal-emulator on Linux or PC-BSD/FreeBSD. In (a) process #1 clears the scrollback buffers; and in (b) the terminal emulator clears its display buffer at terminal hangup as standard.

So the first thing for you, as systemd Linux users, to try is just excising the use of "clear_console" from your .bash_logout (and skeleton, and equivalents for your other login shells) entirely.


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