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Re: Change systemd to not be default in Stretch

On 22/06/15 18:26, Zebediah C. McClure wrote:
What is the correct way to work towards not having systemd be installed by
default in stretch?

That depends on your goal.

If your goal is to have a dpkg-based Linux distribution which leverages the good work done in Debian and does not use systemd as the init daemon, you might do well to consider contributing to the Devuan project whichever of money, labour, or cheerleading is most mutually congenial.

If your goal is for something other than systemd to be the default "init system" of Debian stretch, then *well* before stretch enters freeze, you need to have contributed to Debian a system initialization and service management system that over 50% of active Debian Developers think is an adequate *replacement* for systemd.

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