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Re: Problem with Canon FS4000US film scanner and VueScan on Wheezy

On Sunday 14 June 2015 08:54:04 Jean-Francois Bosc wrote:
> I am trying to find some help for using a (rather old) Canon FS4000US film
> scanner with VueScan. Here is my problem : I am running Debian Wheezy (32
> bits), and I have been using the scanner for quite a while under previous
> Debian versions. Now VueScan doesn't detect the scanner any more, it says
> "No scanner was found attached to your computer". I suppose the problem
> appeared when I upgraded from Squeeze to Wheezy (I'm not 100% sure since I
> don't use the scanner very often, but what else could it be ?)

Had you thought of trying Xsane?


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