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Re: Upgrade to Jessie - grub-legacy vs grub2; GPT partitions

On 06/11/2015 09:25 AM, Robert S wrote:
> Hi.
> We recently had a hard drive crash on our machine which has been
> running debian for many years and has been incrementally upgraded.  We
> use it for a small business.  I have not yet upgraded to debian 8.0.
> We plan to transfer our backup to a low-spec machine (Gigabyte Brix
> with 120G SSD) then do the upgrade.
> I note that the bootloader debian 7 has recently been upgraded to
> grub2.  This seems to be considerably less transparent than
> grub-legacy.  Also - should I use GPT for our new partitions?  This
> seems to require a small partition at the beginning of the disk, but
> does not require extended partitions and is more flexible in terms of
> resizing partitions.
> My questions are - should I use grub-legacy (which seems to have all
> of our required features) or should I switch to grub2.  Will
> grub-legacy eventually be phased out?  Is GPT preferable to the old
> partition scheme?
Hi Robert,

I don't know if you have to keep using grub-legacy, but this is
advantages of using GPT:

 - the partition table has a second copy
 - if you make bios_boot partition big enough (about 50MB) you can
easily migrate your installation from BIOS to EFI. In this case you will
have to format BIOS partition with FAT32 and install grub-efi-amd64.


Kind regards

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