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Re: Need SAS HBA for Debian Jessie

On Sunday, May 3, 2015 at 10:30:03 PM UTC-5, Bob Bernstein wrote:
> On Sun, 3 May 2015, Leslie Rhorer wrote:
> > Many specifically list SuSe and Red Hat, but very 
> > few list Debian [...]
> And you have your answer: send money to RH. They used 

   I don't have money to send to Red Hat.  First of all, one reason (although not the only one, by far) I am using Linux is it is free of commercial restraints.  Secondly, these are not commercial systems. These are a pair of home RAID arrays used primarily to store a personal video library.  Thirdly, I rather dislike Red Hat's distribution and administration system.  I much prefer Debian.

   Just as an aside, this is a Debian user forum.  Frankly, it strikes me as a bit strange to advise someone asking a question concerning an ordinary use of Debian to go somewhere else.

> to be very good at reliably supporting a lot of 
> different hardware. (I'm out of that consulting 
> biz now...for some time now.)

   Honestly, IMO this isn't primarily an issue of hardware support.  It is an issue of informational support by the hardware manufacturers.  They post lots of fru-fru information about their product without posting the information one really needs to know to make an informed purchase.  Very few of the HBA manufactureer inform the user whether the card at hand supports LBA 48 or not.  I have purchase several controllers only to find the drive size limited to 2T.  Many devices that only specify RH and / or SuSE are in fact perfectly well supported under Debian and most of its derivatives.  Many just report Linux support, when in fact there is no support under many distros.

> There are many fates worse than becoming, for certain 
> of one's key systems, a RH customer. Even more so if 
> making money, or deliverables, is part of the job of 
> said key systems.

   It is not, and economy is definitely a key consideration, here.  What's more, I am not asking the OS to support any particular hardware.  What I am asking - even if it were REd Hat - is whihc hardware is supported.  That really should not be that difficult a question.  (Yes, I understand why it is in fact a difficult question.)

> It boils down to the question "How much of my time do 
> I want to waste looking for those hens' teeth, and, 

  These aren't hen's teeth.  They are type O-Positive blood donors.  I just need the bag labeled with the blood type so I know which one to choose.

> given what my time is worth, do I want to take that 
> hit?"

   As opposed to the huge amount of time it would take me to switch operating systems?  Few, if any, of the dozens of scripts I have in place to manage the system would work out of the box.  They would need to be re-written.  Nearly all of the software I have written would have to be re-compiled, and some might need to be re-written.  I would also have to spend a lot of time getting far more familiar with Red Hat than I am now.  No, by far the most economical route is just to buy HBAs that are compatible with the OS I have now.

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