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Re: About alternatives in stretch - testing.........

On Fri, 15 May 2015 19:52:38 -0600 Bob Proulx sent:


> Very likely the alternatives for x-www-browser are correct.  Did you
> try it?  Please try it and check that it works.  Check that it returns
> a non-zero exit code.
>   $ x-www-browser
>   $ echo $?
> What starts?  Chromium?  Then your configuration is fine.  If not then
> that is the problem.  But that is unlikely if your Testing is up to
> date.  Does it return an exit code of 0 okay?


Thank you for these commands Bob,

$ x-www-browser
/usr/bin/x-www-browser: 95: exec: /usr/lib/chromium/x-www-browser: not

$ echo $?

Alternatives was working while I was using stable [jessie] then I
upgraded to testing and suddenly it reverted back to iceweasel.

My system hadn't been upgraded for a week or more, so upgrading now.

I will get back with what happens when the upgrade is complete.

I'm on satellite internet so it will take a bit longer than others who
have ADSL might expect.

In the famous words of Muscles Schwartznegger, "I'll be back".

Thank you for your time and adding to your system [claws-mail] to test

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