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Gnome Update Notifications in Jessie

Hello all,

Gnome Update Notifications seem not to work in my vanilla installation
of Jessie.
I have read that Gnome-Packagekit should be taking care of this and
that it's a bug that is supposed to be solved [1], but actually in my
system it doesn't look for updates automatically.

On the other hand, running manually Update Manager works as
expected.So I suppose the problem is related to auto checking them.

As Update Manager doesn't have any configurable options, I used dconf
to check org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.updates (which is the only
place I found that has Updates related configurations) and all seems
to be OK: it's activated and configured to check for updates every 24
hours (86.400 s) and notify them every 7 days (604.800 s).

I know I can use unattended-upgrades and other tools, but I want to
know what is happening to Update Manager: if I have to configure
something manually or I am doing something wrong.

Any help is appreciated.



[1] http://blog.tenstral.net/2014/11/the-state-of-appstreamgnome-software-in-debian-jessie.html

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