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Re: Default virtualhost on Debian Jessie with Apache 2.4.10

Marco Stoecker wrote:
> If I've read the thread carefully and I thought that I indeed have a similar
> problem as Daniel has, which in summary means "If you disable the default
> site via a2dissite, it will nevertheless show the index.html in
> /var/www/html, when you call localhost or the dedicated IP of the machine"

Did you disable the port 80 listen statement in the
/etc/apache2/ports.conf file?  That is a required step when trying to
disable port 80.  If you didn't then getting a page is expected.

> I apologize if I've raised confusion about my mailman site, this
> should have been an example to point out what I have meant, it was
> not the problem itself. Anyhow thx for your support, I appreciated
> it.

No worries.  We could site down over lunch and a beverage and have an
enjoyable conversation over it.  But I still think the two things we
have been talking about in this thread are in fundamental conflict
with each other.

Maybe I am just being very strict and rigid in my thinking.  When
dealing with the computer it helps me to think like the computer
thinks and operate with it exactly as it will operate.  Basically I
follow the same policies and programs as the computer.  I do this
intentionally and with as much vigor as I can muster!  This helps me,
but dare I say that most people don't operate this way.  Most people
tend to be very fuzzy in their thinking.

For instance with Apache's configuration there are many independent
variables.   Each is independent of each other.  It either listens on
port 80 or it does not.  It is completely one or the other with no
grey space.  Daniel wanted to disable http access entirely.  To do
that the ports.conf file must be modified to remove the "Listen 80"
statement.  It either listens or it does not listen.  This is
completely independent of having a default site.  If Mailman is
installed and has a VirtualHost entry but isn't the default site then
that is independent and separate.  If someone wants to set up Mailman
as the default site.  That wouldn't be typical and so can't be sent
out as a default.  But it is easily configured to be the default site.

And I think you have that figured out now?  Maybe?  Set up the Mailman
VirtualHost to have the _default_ config.  Or set it up to be the
first and/or only VirtualHost configured which will do the same
thing.  Either way.  That should set you up.


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