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Re: Default virtualhost on Debian Jessie with Apache 2.4.10

On 05/08/2015 09:54 PM, Bob Proulx wrote:
Marco Stoecker wrote:
Bob Proulx wrote:
> I am unable to recreate your problem on wheezy.  I just now installed
> Go back and double check everything.

But what happens to the mailman site, if I disable listening on port 80?
Will the mailman site still be available?

(Me rattles my head and goes, "What?")

Daniel Bareiro submitted the problem that he could not disable the
default web server on port 80.  That has been the topic of this
thread.  Later you posted that you had the same issue.

I see now that you did say you wanted to have the mailman site
enabled.  I didn't see that before since we were focused on Daniel's
problem of trying to disable the port 80 web site.

Obviously that is impossible.  One cannot both disable the port 80 web
site and keep it enabled for Mailman.  It is one or the other.  It
cannot be both.  And this is a completely different topic than the we
one were discussing.  That is why there was confusion.  In the future
if you want to avoid confusion about such things then start a new
discussion thread with new topic.  Something like, "How do I make
Mailman the default and only web site?" or some such.  That would get
much better results.

On the topic of making the Mailman web interface the default and/or
only web site seen:

If you want to keep the Mailman web site as the default then do not
disable port 80.  You will be needing it.  Instead make the Mailman
web site the default web site.  If you are using Apache there are two
main ways to do this.  One is to ensure that the default site is the
first or only VirtualHost listed.  Either way then it will be the
default site.  That is rationale behind the 000-default naming in that
the zeros will cause that to be loaded first and therefore will be the
default by default.  My preference is to remove the 000-default link
and keep the original "000-default.conf" and "default-ssl.conf" files
pristine.  (Previously those were "default" and "default-ssl" in
Wheezy 7.  They have been renamed in Jessie 8.)  By keeping those
files pristine they will not be prompted for merging upon upgrades.
This makes upgrades easier.  Then create a new site local file for the
local web site configurations.  Being a different file it will not be
in the package and will not need to be merged when applying security

The other way from having the 000 naming to force the first
configuration to be the default is to use the "_default_" tag on one
site to explicitly say which is the default.  Then the ordering does
not matter.  This will explicitly tell Apache that it should be the
default for all unspecified sites.  This is documented here:



Dear Bob,

If I've read the thread carefully and I thought that I indeed have a similar problem as Daniel has, which in summary means "If you disable the default site via a2dissite, it will nevertheless show the index.html in /var/www/html, when you call localhost or the dedicated IP of the machine" I apologize if I've raised confusion about my mailman site, this should have been an example to point out what I have meant, it was not the problem itself. Anyhow thx for your support, I appreciated it.


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