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Re: jessie selinux reference policy package missing

On Fri, May 08, 2015 at 04:18:30PM -0500, Spencer Minear wrote:
> I installed the new Jessie version of debian on a VirtualBox system, and
> had no problems with the installation.  Because I wanted to do work with
> the SELinux policy I wanted to first make sure that the system would run
> with SE Linux to provide a platform on which to experiment with the policy.
> I obtained most of the SELinux packages that I think I needed and/or
> wanted, selling-utils, selinux-basics etc.  Then, per existing
> documentation on setting up SELinux on a Debian system I attempted to get
> the selinux-policy-default via 'apt-get install selinux-policy-default' and
> was told "E: Package 'selinux-policy-default' has no installation
> candidate'.
> Looking around I find one for Wheezy and for "SID" but not for Jessie.
> Given the fact that jessie was just released a few weeks ago, I'm guessing
> that the jessie policy package simply was not completed yet.


See the bugs marked Grave, Serious, and indeed most of the
Important and some of the Unclassified bugs.

It may be that someone will someday get a default selinux policy
set up for Jessie, but I wouldn't bet on that being soon.

You can blame systemd, if you'd like. You might even get a
mostly-working system if you change back to sysvinit and
try again.


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