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jessie selinux reference policy package missing

I installed the new Jessie version of debian on a VirtualBox system, and had no problems with the installation.  Because I wanted to do work with the SELinux policy I wanted to first make sure that the system would run with SE Linux to provide a platform on which to experiment with the policy.

I obtained most of the SELinux packages that I think I needed and/or wanted, selling-utils, selinux-basics etc.  Then, per existing documentation on setting up SELinux on a Debian system I attempted to get the selinux-policy-default via 'apt-get install selinux-policy-default' and was told "E: Package 'selinux-policy-default' has no installation candidate'.

Looking around I find one for Wheezy and for "SID" but not for Jessie.  Given the fact that jessie was just released a few weeks ago, I'm guessing that the jessie policy package simply was not completed yet.  

But since I really want to have the source so I can experiment with building the policy and generally gain more knowledge of that process, I went looking around looking for a GIT repository that might have the current state of the Debian default and/or reference policy work in it.  I found one that I obtained form 'git://anonscm.debian.org/selinux/refpolicy.'  This looked promising until I attempted to build it with the command 'debian/rules build-default-policy'.  The command makes significant progress but dies with 'make[1]: *** No rule to make target system.if, needed by 'tmp/all_interfaces.conf'

I find that the systemd module files are indeed not in the repository that I have, while working on the debian branch.  I do however find reference to the systemd module's policy files located in a debian/patches/0050-systemd.  But the files identified in this patch file do not exist in the git source repository but because debian/build.conf.default file contains information saying that the systemd module is to be contained in the base module, the build fails.

The git repository logs shows commits that modified the file policy/modules/system/systemd.if, and policy/modules/system/systemd.te, yet as content within the patches/0050-systemd file.

So there must be some steps that I don't know about and have not found that would tell the attempted build to apply the various patches to the repository before it proceeds with the build.

I would appreciate any information that you could provide on the status of the Jessie policy package, both binary and source.

I would also really like to know how to utilize the git repository that I have to actually build a jessie compatible policy, and perhaps my own jessie package policy package as I suspect what I will end up doing is having one system for policy experimentation and the other for a policy development system that I'd like to run with the initial state, (hopefully a stable state), that I can build form the initial state of the repository that I have.


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