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Re: Broken package can't be configured, can't be uninstalled

On Thu, 7 May 2015 13:54:09 -0500
"Mark Allums" <mark@allums.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have some packages that did not install correctly.  One in
> particular is giving me fits.  It can't be upgraded.  It can't be
> removed.  It can't be reinstalled.  It can't be reconfigured.  The
> error message states that it is in an inconsistent state and needs to
> be reinstalled before it is removed. But Debian has removed that
> version from the repository and I can't find it to download, even for
> a manual install.  
> I need to either remove it by hand or install the new version (by
> hand if necessary), or something else, if the collective mind of the
> list knows a better solution.  How do I locate the correct version?
> Until this is resolved, I can't update my system.  

If you haven't already, you might try dpkg to remove the package, it's
a little more brutal than the apt programs, and may work where they
fail. I've done this a few times, but I once had a package get into an
inconsistent state during an upgrade, and even dpkg didn't work, so I
extracted the broken bits by hand and fortunately it could then be

You don't say which distribution, which may help to know. Almost
certainly, the Debian version of the package is available through the
archive. Here is a good place to start:


From that you can determine which files belong to the package, and
remove them by hand. Generally the apt system will then see sense and
adjust its records, if not, you can try installing the .deb with dpkg.


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