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Re: no root file system after encryption

Bob Proulx writes:

> Why no LVM?  Using LVM is the way I always do it because that allows
> me to encrypt a single partition and therefore only require a single
> passphrase to decrypt and load.  Typically with multiple partitions
> then each and every separate partition requires a passphrase.  That
> gets to be rather a pain.  Having one encrypted partition for LVM and
> then using LVM to create multiple logical volumes just seems the best
> way to do things.  Also with large amounts of storage having LVM is
> simply convenient.  Therefore I am interested to know why you are
> avoiding LVM in your environment.

I didn't have any particular reason to avoid LVM. I just tried if
encrypted installation succeeds without it.  Now that I tried with LVM,
installation was simple and worked without issues.

One thing that I noticed was that LVM option uses by default ext2 for
/boot, whereas some people on the list suggested ext4.  So I manually
changed that.

Thanks for your replies,

-- Juha

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