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trouble with install -- 64 bit, disk partitioner

hi debian gurus,

i am attempting a clean install on a system currently running windows 7 (i.e. i have saved the files i need and want to repartition the disk).  i burned a .iso installer file for my system (64-bit intel, so i used the amd64 release of debian 8).  when i boot from the CD (or if i just try to run setup.exe), the installation process goes smoothly -- configuring ethernet, setting up root password, etc. -- until i get to the partition disk step.  at this point, i do not see the disk drives on the system, which are SATA.  it asks for iSCSI volumes, of which there are none.  if i try "write changes to disk and finish", the system just hangs.  originally the system was configured as RAID.  i've tried changing to non-RAID in the BIOS but i get the same error message.  the hard drive control is a Marvell 88SE63xx/64xx, according to the BIOS set up file.  

what to do?

thanks in advance.


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