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Motorola Bluetooth adaptor not working on jessie

Hi all. I have an HP pavillion dv6 6131tx laptop late 2011 laptop with Motorola Bluetooth 3.0 hs adaptor. It works fine on Windows but not on Debian Jessie (64 bit gnome) (I have both windows and debian installed as dual boot). Bluetooth menu shows on the panel. It also tries to search for devices but is not able to do so nor does my laptop's bluetooth shows up on any bluetooth device although I have set it visisble. Another fact: I can't turn it off from the panel. I then googled it to get some idea and came to know running lspci command tells information about pci buses and devices and I ran it and found that bluetooth device doesn't show up there too. I am new to Linux and Debian. Any help is highly appreciated.

P.S. It used to work on Wheezy 7.8.

Thanks folks!

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