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Re: Setting up AP with hostapd

Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com> writes:

> csanyipal@gmail.com wrote:
>> Bob Proulx writes:
>> > csanyipal@gmail.com wrote:
>> >> What could be the problem?
>> >
>> > I don't know but here is my working configuration.  I am not running
>> > in bridge mode.  I am running in router mode.
>> I tried this setup but after reboot my headless server I can't ssh into
>> it again.
> I am hoping that you took the example as an example and modified it
> appropriately for your environment?
>> I must to rescue it to get it back.
> Sounds good.  Rescue it and then debug and fix it.  You said it was a
> Power PC.  I have no experience with them and have no information to
> advise you on how to rescue it.  If it were an x86 system then I would
> recommend using the debian-installer in rescue mode.  I have no idea
> about Power PC systems.

I did it, I get back with a rescue USB image, that is actually a Bubba 2
installation image.

>> Should I run some route commands to get it working?
> That suggestion is a non-sequitur until you know why your system is
> not talking.  Diagnose what is wrong first.  After you know and
> understand what is wrong then the action to take to fix it will also
> be known.

I understand. I accept your advice and I shall diagnose what is wrong

>> Anyway I plan my home network in Dia and export it to an image:
>> https://www.dropbox.com/s/shbcf2ukcj429v1/HomeNetwork_02.png?dl=0
> Good picture.  With the exception of drawing three separate firewalls
> where I think one on Bubba2 is actually what exists.

Indeed, the three separate firewalls is actually one firewall for three
NIC's ( network interfaces ): eth0, eth1 and wlan0.

>> I'm persistently looking for a solution for this case.
>> Any advices will be appreciated!
> How do you normally access your headless PowerPC server?  I am sure
> using ssh but when not using ssh?  For me if it did not have a
> graphics display and keyboard I would configure a serial console so
> that at least when networking is offline I could use the serial
> console for access.

I shall make a serial console access to my Bubba 2 soon.

Regards from Pal

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