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Re: Setting up AP with hostapd

csanyipal@gmail.com wrote:
> Bob Proulx writes:
> > csanyipal@gmail.com wrote:
> >> What could be the problem?
> >
> > I don't know but here is my working configuration.  I am not running
> > in bridge mode.  I am running in router mode.
> I tried this setup but after reboot my headless server I can't ssh into
> it again.

I am hoping that you took the example as an example and modified it
appropriately for your environment?

> I must to rescue it to get it back.

Sounds good.  Rescue it and then debug and fix it.  You said it was a
Power PC.  I have no experience with them and have no information to
advise you on how to rescue it.  If it were an x86 system then I would
recommend using the debian-installer in rescue mode.  I have no idea
about Power PC systems.

> Should I run some route commands to get it working?

That suggestion is a non-sequitur until you know why your system is
not talking.  Diagnose what is wrong first.  After you know and
understand what is wrong then the action to take to fix it will also
be known.

> Anyway I plan my home network in Dia and export it to an image:
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/shbcf2ukcj429v1/HomeNetwork_02.png?dl=0

Good picture.  With the exception of drawing three separate firewalls
where I think one on Bubba2 is actually what exists.

> I'm persistently looking for a solution for this case.
> Any advices will be appreciated!

How do you normally access your headless PowerPC server?  I am sure
using ssh but when not using ssh?  For me if it did not have a
graphics display and keyboard I would configure a serial console so
that at least when networking is offline I could use the serial
console for access.


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