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Re: Do archived copies of _OBSOLETE_ ISOs exist?

On 2015-05-01, Richard Owlett <rowlett@cloud85.net> wrote:

> I'm doing a self-education project to answer "How is *nix put 
> together?"
> Projects whose documentation I have found useful include:
>    "Linux From Scratch"      http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/
>    "Voyage Linux"            http://linux.voyage.hk/about
>    "Debian From Scratch" 
> https://web.archive.org/web/20080416005430/http://people.debian.org/~jgoerzen/dfs/html/dfs.html
> Right now I'm chasing down links to that later. I've retrieved 
> (from lenny archives) dfsbuild_1.0.2.0_i386.deb .  As the oldest 
> Debian I have available is Squeeze I can foresee compatibility 
> problems as well as learning to use the tools provided by dfsbuild.


If I'm understanding the question. 

> Would ISOs of "Debian From Scratch" [*ANY* version] be available 
> somewhere (official repository or not)?


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