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[way OT, but desperate] GoBook speakers

Is anyone here familiar with GoBook XR-1 laptops? 

A friend and I have several of them (running Wheezy and Ubuntu), and the speakers quit on them, from time to time. The headphones jacks still work just fine, and the speakers have been known to come back on with a reboot. But not always.

I've searched the 'Net for documentation on this thing, and there doesn't seem to be *any* at all, aside from glossy 2 page sales brochures. 

If you know what's going on with these, or what to set in the BIOS (or OS) to keep the speakers on, I'd be eternally grateful if you'd tell me about it. (I've futzed with the 'stealth' settings in the BIOS, with no success.)


Glenn English

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