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Re: Installing open-vm-tools in Debian Wheezy

Eric Gamess <egamess@gmail.com> wrote:

>> If you install this for a VM running on ESX then you can ignore this
>> error, since HGFS (Host-Guest-Filsystem) does not work with ESX and
>> vmsync is for the experimental VSS-like snapshot feature for Linux which
>> I never saw used in any production environment.

> I am using VMware Workstation. Even with the problem mentioned, the
> compilation finishes. However, "Edit Copy" and "Edit Paste" does not
> work. And dragging files between the host OS (Windows 7) to the guest
> OS(Debian) does not work.

I am not sure if the first one even works with the native VMware Tools.
The last one uses the HGFS, so if the module is not available it will of
course not work.


Sigmentation fault. Core dumped.

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