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Re: LibreOffice 64 bit suddenly wont save.

On 04/19/2015 05:34 PM, Gary Roach wrote:
Has anyone else had the problem that LibreOffice 64 suddenly refuses to save files. If I pull up an old file and change it and save everything seems to be OK. But when I try to open the file again the restore corrupted file screen pops up. When I go through that routine the file opens with none of the new changes show. If I create a new file and use save as, LibreOffice closes and the file is not saved. I reinstalled the office suit, the base and the core programs. This didn't help. I think this is more a Debian problem than an LO problem so am posting here.
    Debian wheezy amd64 up to date.

Gary R.

I might add that the problem exists for write only. All of the other functions of the suit work fine. Until very recently, this installation has been functioning properly for over a year and a half.

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