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Re: Wicd - no wireless networks found

On 2015-04-16, German <gentgerman@gmail.com> wrote:
> Ok, I installed realtek firmware, running modrpobe 
> rtl8723be returns no output, so I think my card is 
> operational. But Wicd doesn't show any wireless networks. 
> Where to go from here? Thank you
> -- 
> German <gentgerman@gmail.com>

>From Wicd GUI toolbar select Preferences,(drop down box far right)
General Settings --> Network Interfaces
Wireless interface: wlan0

Check to see that proper interface is selected here
if not add it.

Or directly edit the /etc/wicd/manager-settings.conf file.

<start /etc/wicd/manager-settings.conf file example>
backend = external
wireless_interface = wlan0
wired_interface = eth0
wpa_driver = wext
always_show_wired_interface = True
use_global_dns = False
global_dns_1 = None
global_dns_2 = None
global_dns_3 = None
global_dns_dom = None
global_search_dom = None
auto_reconnect = True
debug_mode = 0
wired_connect_mode = 1
signal_display_type = 0
should_verify_ap = 1
dhcp_client = 0
link_detect_tool = 0
flush_tool = 0
sudo_app = 0
prefer_wired = True
show_never_connect = True
<end /etc/wicd/manager-settings.conf file example>

Note the line:
wireless_interface = wlan0

Edit as such and save changes.
>From Wicd GUI you will need to click on Refresh
after you  have done the previous mentioned,
then select Properties button for AP you intend to use
and select Encryption type from drop down menu.
Then add key in window below.
Then select Ok button in same window.

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