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Re: Encrypting an External HDD

On Wednesday 15 April 2015 18:33:56, David Christensen wrote :
> On 04/15/2015 08:01 AM, ken wrote:
> > What options or features does one get by putting the LUKS container in a
> > partition rather than putting it on a raw drive?
> I am not aware of any technical advantages or disadvantages of LUKS on a
> raw drive vs. LUKS on a partition.  For me, it's more a matter of
> personal habit/ psychology in the face of several computers, many
> drives, and changing conditions over the years.

Having a partition table may prevent other common OSes from assuming the disk 
is uninitialized if they happen to see the disk and propose to format it or, 
worst, format it without asking for permission to do so…


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