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Re: Can't isntall Debian on UEFI system

On 04/15/2015 at 05:22 AM, German wrote:

> Hi all, I am trying to install live image from USB stick, but my
> comp's BIOS doesn't see the drive. I tried to dd .iso to stick, I
> tried to copy it, still, BIOS doesn't see it. I also don't see any
> efi folders on the stick when I look at it with a file manager. Any
> ideas? Thanks

What test are you using to determine that the UEFI doesn't see the USB

If you're basing that conclusion on the observation that the computer
won't boot from the USB stick, even when explicitly told to, the problem
might be Secure Boot.

In order to boot a non-signed kernel (or one signed by a key not in the
list known to the UEFI), in my workplace we have to both A: disable
Secure Boot and B: switch from UEFI boot to legacy boot. Otherwise, when
told to boot from that device, the system reacts as if there were no
boot media present there.

If you're basing the conclusion on some other observation, however, I
may be barking up entirely the wrong tree.

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