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Re: Debain Jessie two dictionary software

On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 05:05:27PM +0800, mudongliang wrote:
> Can someone tell me why the newest Jessie version has two basic
> dictionary software : goldendict and gnome dictionary?
> Can maintainers delete one ?

In a word, choice. Debian is not here to dictate to users "you must use
this program". Everything can be replaced. Don't like the web browser?
There are a handful (IceWeasel, Chromium, Lynx) to choose from. Don't
like the init system? SystemV is still supported. Don't like Linux?
Well, you can run Debian on kFreeBSD, too!

Now, it maybe that not all of those options are are well-tested or as
well-maintained as the others. Packages are added to Debian at the whim
of "maintainers". The most popular packages are maintained by teams of
people to ensure the package works well for everyone. But the less
popular packages might be maintained by someone who only gets time to
work on it after coming home from their main job, or on an occasional
weekend when they're not focussed on their family.

If a package accumulates too many bug reports, and receives too little
maintenance, then yes, the maintainers can remove the package. They can
remove packages for other reasons, too, such as finding that
distributing it is contrary to its license.

However, if the reason is simply because you don't like one of the
packages, then no, it is unlikely that the maintainers will remove it.

> mudongliang
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