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Re: FAQ's versus "Questions Newbies SHOULD Ask"?

On Tuesday 14 April 2015 21:52:16 Nate Bargmann wrote:
> * On 2015 14 Apr 13:57 -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > On Tuesday 14 April 2015 12:08:09 Lisi Reisz wrote:
> > > On Tuesday 14 April 2015 17:03:48 Richard Owlett wrote:
> > > > FAQ's may indicate questions others have asked.
> > >
> > > In my experience they frequently indicate questions the writer is
> > > hoping/expecting you to ask, that noone has ever asked and that I
> > > have never thought of asking.
> > >
> > > Lisi
> >
> > Good for a grin, Lisi, thanks.  And here I thought I was alone in
> > thinking that.
> We're all cynics!
Amen! And while I am not originally from Missouri, I have been there 
often enough to be infected with the Show me viri.

> For some odd reason I seem to have questions that are lightly or not
> covered by the documentation.
> For Richard, many of my searches lead me to the Stack Overflow
> collection of web sites.  The answers I find are usually very good and
> often times there are one or two additional detailed explanations.

Which I, like you, have found to be usefull.

> Of course someone will weigh in saying that all questions are ansered
> in the source...
> - Nate

That is provided the source is written in something resembling ANSI C.  
Our gcc today has very little resemblance to ANSI C.  And its the ANSI 
that has not kept up, those K&R #1 and #2 books we all once used for a 
Bible back in the day is now 24 years old.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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