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Re: usb wireless keyboard and mouse (was debian 8)

>> The bios, the last defense when things go south, may not
>> regcognise a bluetooth > usb attached keyboard.
> AFAIK the BIOS simply sees a USB keyboard and mouse whether or not the
> actual device will be reached via a wire or a radio signal.

This depends: there are two kinds of cordless mouses and keyboards
connected via a USB dongle:
- Bluetooth keyboard with a USB dongle, in which case the dongle is
  a generic Bluetooth adapter (and is not needed if your computer
  already has Bluetooth).
- A "wireless keyboard" using some proprietary wireless protocol.
In the second, case you don't need any special driver and the device
indeed appears as a plain old USB keyboard to the system.  But in the
first case, the keyboard won't be recognized by all BIOSes since it
first requires a driver for the USB<->Bluetooth dongle.


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