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Re: VLANs won't persist


On Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 09:13:43AM +0200, albcares wrote:
> could I suggest wicd, instead? I mean, You could download-and-install it through the time of running connection, and manage your needs with it. I must warn
> that could be a conflict with NetworkManager, so you have to chose. 
> yours sincerely
> ac

1) Wheezy's wicd is unable to manage VLANs.

2) OP needs to manage VLANs via conventional /etc/network/interfaces.

3) The whole problem lies in erroneous line in /etc/network/interfaces,
as was helpfully pointed by others two days ago.

In the light of this - how exactly does your proposition of installing
wicd would solve OP's problem?


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