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Re: No suspend in XFCE without systemd?

Op 09-04-15 om 00:09 schreef deloptes:
> Brian wrote:
>> Perhaps you can be more detailed about two things?
>> 1. What does your customer mean by "does not want systemd""? If this a
>> matter of not wanting systemd as the init system Jessie already
>> accomodates this.
>> 2. What steps did you take to accomodate his wishes?
> I use the opportunity to confirm that the downgrade of upower + policykit1
> fixed the problem for me (as mentioned in the previous post) and also to
> answer your two questions

Downgrading upower and policykit is not an option for me, because I want
security support.

I found out that policykit does not need systemd but logind. And that's
in the systemd package.

It seems that you can use logind without systemd by installing the
package systemd, but not systemd-sysv. Without systemd-sysv the system
boots using sysvinit. I have not tested this, because I first want to
talk with my customer.

It was not a problem to make an icon on the screen what does a suspend
using sudo.

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.

Paul van der Vlis Linux systeembeheer, Groningen

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