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Re: Strange kernel error when doing "make modules_install"

On Mon, Mar 23, 2015, at 06:15, Marko Randjelovic wrote:
> I use Debian 7.8 with vanilla kernel 3.14 and grsecurity and when rebuildgin kernel in order to resolve problem from my previous post, I noticed this in syslog:

>  Mar 23 09:48:24 wrk kernel: [ 2323.105178] Hardware name: MSI MS-7721/A55M-E33 (MS-7721), BIOS V32.0 11/14/2013

You're using an outdated bios.  The latest BIOS for your MB seems to be v32.5:

> What could be wrong?

I'd update the BIOS and make sure to have the amd64-microcode package (from non-free) installed for good measure.  If you're very, very lucky, that will fix it.

If not, the most probable cause is bad interaction between the grsecurity patches and the base kernel.  Get in touch with the people responsible for the grsecurity patch and kernel you're using...  and BTW, I sure hope that by vanilla 3.14 you meant 3.14.37.

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