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unknown xclients from xrestop

Hey Debian Users!

After a few days, new windows will no longer open on my XFCE Jessie
Desktop.  After doing some research I found out that something is
leaving around "unknown" xclient resources:

tubaman@livingroom:~$ xrestop -b -m 1 | grep -A 10 '<unknown>' | head
2 - <unknown> ( PID:  ?   ):
	res_base      : 0x0
	res_mask      : 0x1fffff
	windows       : 2
	GCs           : 0
	fonts         : 2
	pixmaps       : 0
	pictures      : 0
	glyphsets     : 0
	colormaps     : 0

Once the resources are exhausted, no more xclients can connect to the
X server.  For example, right now there are about 150 of these "unknown"
resources hanging around:

tubaman@livingroom:~$ xrestop -b -m 1 | grep '<unknown>' | wc -l 

That number will grow until I can no longer open new windows.

How do I prevent this from happening?  

How can I tell what program is causing this so I can file a bug?



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