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Re: zfs, autofs dependencies

Quoting Mimiko (vbvbrj@gmail.com):
> On 03.04.2015 23:21, David Wright wrote:
> >I'm as yet unconvinced. I can't see in your original posting where
> >you've told ZFS how to manage mounting your volumes.
> In my original post I've wrote:
> zfs create -V 4T zfspool/backup
> zfs create -V 1T zfspool/network
> zfs create -V 1T zfspool/op
> mount /dev/zvol/zfspool/backup /backup
> mount /dev/zvol/zfspool/network /backup/network
> mount /dev/zvol/zfspool/op /backup/op
> Lats three commands can be put in /etc/fstab

You can't put commands in /etc/fstab; it's not executable.
And there's not much context for those reposted lines...

I see you originally did

# zpool create -f -m none -o ashift=12 zfspool raidz2 disk1 ....

What does that -m none mean?
So you have a pool; then 3 zfs create commands make 3 filesystems?
Then, with a directory in your / called /backup,

# mount /dev/zvol/zfspool/backup /backup

mounted the first created filesystem there.
Did you then have to mkdir the mountpoints /backup/network and
/backup/op for the following two commands to work?

# mount /dev/zvol/zfspool/network /backup/network
# mount /dev/zvol/zfspool/op /backup/op

Having got everything to mount ok, you then rebooted? Is that right?
Sorry to single-step through this, but that's the only way for me to
know what you actually did.


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