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Re: zfs, autofs dependencies

Quoting Mimiko (vbvbrj@gmail.com):
> On 01.04.2015 17:55, Reco wrote:
> > No, the problem is related to the Debian indeed. As ZFS is used as an
> > LVM here, so you might as well replace those fancy/dev/zvol/* with
> > something conventional, and the problem will still remain.

I'm as yet unconvinced. I can't see in your original posting where
you've told ZFS how to manage mounting your volumes.

BTW I know nothing about zfs. I feel rather like The Ruler of the
Universe/man in a shack (HHG), except I'm asking the questions.


> As it can be seen, mount of devices are done in the order which they
> are described in /etc/fstab. Maybe the next mount command is started
> before previous mount command finished and fully mounted /backup?

Those scripts have logging lines. Have you read their output?


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