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Re: Jessie and /var

Quoting Petter Adsen (petter@synth.no):
> I am preparing to set up Jessie on my home server today, with mdadm
> RAID and LVM. Even though I am using LVM, I want to get the volume
> sizes about right when I first set them up.
> VM images and containers are stored under /var - is there anything else
> that systemd stores under /var that might take up enough space that I
> should be aware of when setting up?

I might not understand the question, but looking at /var on a couple
of my machines, the biggest thing is apt-cacher-ng's cache which is
over 9GB (but serving up both wheezy and jessie).
Next is jessie's /var/log with /var/log/journal/ using 1.4GB.
I tried running ntopng and that gobbles inodes; ls -1R /var/tmp/ntopng
produces over 39,000 lines (in six weeks).


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